Scotland 6: Day 4

03.02.18 | Edinburgh Hostel | 20:56

Today was a “Check in- check out day”. When Jonny originally told me he was going to join me in Scotland, he said that he was just going to stay for only three days. For this reason, I’d booked us a bedroom with two beds, but then to save money, the rest of my time here was going to be spent in a cheaper room with three beds instead. He decided to extend out for one more day, and because both of us were moving to a new room, we had to be out by 10:00 and weren’t allowed to check back in until 13:00.

We went to get a late breakfast, but as soon as they let us check back in, we did so. I asked the desk clerk if he could put me in the same room as Jonny. After tinkering with his computer for a few minutes, I ended up getting the room upgrade for free. I’m not even sure why this happened, but I’m glad it did.

For our final day together, we went to the cinema in New Town. Dinner was at a nearby Indian restaurant. Since we were both craving this for a few days, this totally hit the spot! It was a great day, but I will say one thing: Jonny does not like walking around in the snow and he hasn’t been afraid to remind me of that fact, at least thirty-five times over the last three days. I just wish he would have enjoyed his time here. He has clearly been miserable. If I could control the weather, I totally would. I decided, from the beginning, that I wasn’t going to let the weather control my mood. Jonny, however, did not.

Tomorrow, Jonny is off to Milan. I hope it’s warm for him (even though I know it isn’t going to be), and I hope he finds a part of the trip that will make him happy. Or rather, I hope he chooses to be happy. We had quite a few heart-to-heart conversations and the man has been through a lot of hard times. Life is good, and I think we all need reminders of that from time to time. At least, I know I do.

I think that we have singlehandedly drank all of the hot chocolate in Scotland. It feels like we have, at least. I really need to eat healthier while I’m here. Perhaps I’ll start eating more salads and drinking less hot chocolates.

…but it tastes so good!

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