Scotland 6: Day 3

03.01.18 | Edinburgh Hostel | 14:13

Snow-mageddon rages on! It’s really not a huge amount of snow, especially compared to what we’re used to in the states, but the biggest problem is that I’ve yet to see a single snow plow come through and clear the streets. I imagine they have them here, but they must be working in other parts of the city at the moment. The only snow clearing has happened from the brave drivers who are venturing out. Jonny is over it. Even though he lives in Chicago, where they get so much more snow than here, this is definitely not how he’d pictured Scotland in his head. He’s weighing his options… he’s either going to fly somewhere else (possibly Italy), stay here for a few more days, or just head back to the states. I’ll definitely miss him when he goes, but at this point I just want him to be happy. We’ll see what he ends up doing. I, for one, love the snow, but most of the businesses around Edinburgh have decided to stay closed. This is so their employees don’t have to come to work. Even the cinema is closed at the moment. So on a cold, blustery day, we could be watching a movie, but instead, we’re hanging out at the hostel. I’m working on this blog entry while Jonny decides what he wants to do, travel-wise.

We went back to Mum’s for lunch. The server seemed amused to see us back since we’d eaten there for dinner last night. I told her that she may even see us another time or two because almost all of the other restaurants are not opening their doors today. I had a venison and redcurrant pie, with a “deluxe hot chocolate”. Jonny had a questionable-looking veggie burger and some kind of shake with alcohol in it.


We learned today that the people of Edinburgh DO NOT plow the streets here like they would in any other civilized society. It’s no wonder that most of the businesses have had to remain closed for the day. This storm is the heaviest one they’ve had in about 22 years, according to our server. The city doesn’t really want to invest in all the snow-removal equipment, because they don’t know when they’re going to need it again.

At dinner time, we found a few restaurants open on High Street, but decided to trudge through the snow over to the New Town side. We managed to find a Chinese restaurant. The food was alright, but the chef sure loved to use salt. Both my soup and entree were extremely salty. Afterward, we headed over and found some dessert at an Italian restaurant/ cafe.

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