Scotland 4: Day 8

04.04.11 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:59

I woke up pretty early this morning and wanted breakfast but didn’t want to go alone. Since I’d made friends with a 19-year-old Swiss guy, who was sleeping in the bunk above me, I decided to wake him up and take him with me to find food. He wasn’t into breakfast like me, so we ended up at a Starbucks. So breakfast was a hot chocolate and a muffin for me. Swiss boy got a double espresso shot and an almond pastry. We headed back to the hostel.


It’s quite windy and rainy today, so it took a while for me to build up the courage to go out. I wanted to go look at some souvenir shops and run around for a bit. Then it was time to grab some lunch. I went to a pub/restaurant called Whiski. I had this dish that was goat cheese on top of bread, topped with a chutney jelly. Then I had a side salad. It was very delicious!


At the moment I’m waiting for the front desk to send me a new towel because the cleaning person took mine. Rude! Once he does, I’ll run and take a shower. I think I need a nap.


I had the most awesome dinner tonight! My friend Gwen (a Southwest Airlines customer service from Baltimore) came to Scotland last year, and she told me about a restaurant called “The Witchery.” She talked it up, and so I thought I’d get dressed up and give it a try. OH, MY COW! It was by far the best meal I’ve had on the trip up to this point.

The decor is as if you’re stepping back in time. I’m not sure what style or period but has such character. I don’t drink alcohol, but this restaurant apparently has one of the best wine selections in all of Scotland. That may impress some you, at least.



I just got back from seeing a movie called Source Code– it was terrific! It made me think… and thinking is always a good thing. Now I’m sitting around, charging my iPad, and waiting for podcasts to download. The signal at this hostel isn’t very strong, and there are about 9 people trying to use it at the same time.

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