Scotland 4: Day 7

4.3.11 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 00:26

I had a good evening! I went to the cinema and saw Sucker Punch. That was action-packed and very, very messed up. I think I will go to sleep now.


Last night I slept surprisingly well. I’ve been stressing this whole room-share situation. At this time I would like to thank the inventor of earplugs, whomever he/she may be. Words cannot express the deep gratitude that fills my soul today… especially with 8 other guys in the room with me.


Since today is Sunday, I wanted to make things a little different this morning. I walked to Holyrood Park, just on the edge of Edinburgh and while listening to some good, sabbath-appropriate music, hiked up the hills behind the park. It was beautiful and I got my heart rate going for a bit. Now I’m going to go take a nap.



It was still nice to get a bit of rest off my feet, even if I was unable get any sleep. This is because the new hostel mates are all checking in now. Mike and I are still here but everyone else is going to be new. I’ve met a gal from the Czech Republic named Silva, two guys from Italy and two guys from South Korea- everyone seems nice.


Not much happened this afternoon. I did get some dinner at a great Italian restaurant that I remember going to last time I was here. I walked around the city some more as well. I’m going to look around some more and try to find Saturday’s conference talks.

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