A Light Flight to NYC

“The new normal” is very odd. I think I’ll call it “the current normal” instead. On Saturday, I was assigned to work a turn (that’s where you work a flight away from the base, and then back to base without having a layover/ overnight stay). I worked to New York City and then back to Denver. On the way out, we had 22 passengers (on a plane that holds 175!), most of them were doctors, nurses, or some sort of healthcare. They were all being sent there to help with the virus in the city. The flight home was booked to 17 people, but only 6 showed up.

Today I’m sitting in our inflight lounge, waiting to see if they are going to use me. I’m secretly hoping that they don’t- I’d prefer to just go back to the crashpad and relax. This has nothing to do with the virus- I have decided to not live in fear. I’ll be careful, but if I do catch it, I hope to recover quickly. It’s not just health workers who are considered “essential.” Some of us have to get them to their destination, after all.

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