I’m standing outside of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, at about 16:50.

I read the sign that says proper attire is required. I start to worry because I’m wearing my Chacos sandals. I hope this isn’t an anti-open-toe shoe type of thing. I’ve wanted to eat at Ruth’s Chris for years… literally. This is number 82 on my bucket list.

I am in Tampa, Florida, tonight. When I got to the hotel, I managed to get a quick workout in, a brief nap, and then decided to look for food with my phone. I first opened the Waffle House app (every smartphone user should have this app) to see if any locations are nearby. I see one but realize quickly that it’s one that I’ve already been to. I then open the “Around Me” app to see what restaurants are nearby (another handy app if you travel at all). I spy a nearby Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse!

They are finally open for dinner at 17:00. I decide to play it cool, pretending that I’ve eaten here at least 40 times. I walk in and smile at the greeter. I request a table for one. She grabs a menu and leads me to a small booth in the dining area. I have concluded that my Chacos have passed the dress code test… either that or she paid no attention.

I peruse the menu when my waiter, Chris, comes to bring me some water with lemon and some bread. I ask him what he suggests, and he points out “Ruth’s Classics,” which would let me pick out a soup or salad to start out, a main course and side, and then it comes with a bit of dessert. I tell him that sounds great. I choose the chicken and tortellini soup as my first course, then a 6 oz filet and lobster tail as the main course, and a side of green beans with roasted garlic. All for the not-so-modest price of just under $60. I agree that this is a considerable amount to pay for food, but I am chasing dreams on a bucket list, after all (plus I just got paid on Friday).

IMG_3988IMG_3990IMG_3994 (1)

I have to talk about this 6oz filet. When I first saw it on the menu, I was worried that I wouldn’t be getting enough to get full. Six ounces is like an oversized McNugget, after all. Turns out- this was, by far, the best piece of red meat I have ever eaten… and I love red meat! Not sure what it was seasoned with, but it was cooked perfectly (medium) and went well with the lobster tail.


Now that I have undone everything I tried to do on the elliptical machine earlier today, I’m fat and happy, to say the least. I feel incredibly blessed to be checking #82 off of my bucket list!

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