Today was two easy legs and now I’m on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Well, technically, I’m not on a beach right now. I’m in my hotel room on the 8th floor, but this hotel sits on the beach. When I stepped out of the air-conditioned comfort of the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, I was almost knocked down by the absolute heaviest and hottest humidity I have ever felt in my entire existence! This is saying a lot since I spent most of my growing-up summers in South Carolina.

Once at the hotel, I peeled my work uniform off and set out to eat at the exact same restaurant that I had eaten at the first time I was on the island. I could have ventured out, but I really enjoyed my meal so much, and since it is supposedly authentic Puerto Rican food, I wanted to try some more. Tonight’s dish was Pechuga de pollo rellena de maduros envuelta con tocineta con arroz guisado (Bacon wrapped chicken breast, stuffed with sweet plantain with seasoned rice). Amazing!


I walked back to the hotel and through the lobby, past the jacuzzi, swimming pool, and bar, and found most of my crew sunning themselves on the beach. It was such a picture-perfect scene! The water here was the right temperature! I didn’t wade in much past my knees, but it still felt great!


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