Coming in at number 26 on the bucket list is to go to Disneyland for more than one day consecutively. I often work flights in and out of southern California and I see the little kids with their Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears, or their princess shirts and I ask them how long they are going on their vacation for. It’s quite common to find that are going for at least a week. That may be a little excessive, but I’ve never been for more than one day.

When I was young, it was quite a big deal for my family to go to Disneyland. I remember we’d drive to California one day, spend most of the second day at Disneyland and then day three was driving back to Arizona. This was huge! A few years ago, I got to spend the day with my friend Arron there, but that was still just one day. This needs to happen!

Here are some pictures from my day at Disneyland with Arron (this happened back in February of 2009):

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