Scotland 6: Day 11

03.09.18 | Ayr > Glasgow | 10:08

Ayr was even sunnier and more beautiful than it was yesterday morning. It would have been a perfect morning to go back out to the beach, but since I’m on a train, headed to my next stop, it’ll have to wait for another visit to this fine country.

When I checked out of the hotel, the desk clerk told me how much I owed the room. I told her I had prepaid on the internet. She had to go through a bunch of notes before finding out that I wasn’t lying. In the meantime, I told her I could pull up a copy of my receipt if it was necessary. She figured it all out, and I was free to go without paying her tons of money.

Glasgow, Scotland | 21:21

Just like every other time, Glasgow does not disappoint. Such a cool city! I spent the afternoon walking around and getting reacquainted with the area.

For dinner, I found this very authentic American restaurant. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it: T.G.I. Friday’s. I had a crispy duck salad. It was delish, even if they put too much dressing on it. People drown their salad in the dressing! I’ve never understood that. Some of us actually like the taste of vegetables.

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