IMG_7257I had the day off of work, and rather thank spend one whole day at home, I stayed at the crashpad. Today Jeff, my crashpad dad, and I pretended to be farmers. Next to the barn, behind the house, there is a chicken coop. It needed some fixing up, so that was today’s activity. After a quick ride on the tractor with Tatum, we were off to the farmer supply to pick up some chicken wire, some wood chips for the floor of the coup, six chicks, and two ducks.


IMG_7265Adrian was right out there working with us. This means so much to me since there were a few other roommates who chose to stay inside and not help. He actually made the job more fun, with his sense of humor. I’m enjoying getting to know him a little bit better. You really know who someone truly is when and if they show up to help.

In his own words, “I feel like an underpaid Mexican.” Funny because he is a second-generation U.S. citizen whose parents came from Baja Mexico.

IMG_7273Whiz came out after awhile to inform us that he was there to supervise. The only reason he hadn’t come out earlier is because he was resting from a rather vicious work trip.

Even though we were almost finished by the time he arrived, I still commend him for at least showing up. I know that if we’d have needed help, he would have put on some shoes and helped out. It’s just the kind of person he is.


Jeff is Dawn’s husband and therefore the “Dad” of our crashpad. The more I get to know this guy, the more I appreciate him.


6 Chickens


2 Ducks

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