Scotland 5: Day 13

03.12.16 | Glasgow, Scotland | 09:14

I just did laundry. I kept putting it off, and since I only brought seven days worth of clothes, it was time. The washers here are a bit funky. I went downstairs to ask if they had laundry soap available, and they said that the machine would automatically dispense the detergent when I started the load. Is this even possible? Are we living in the time of The Jetsons?

I did check on my load a few times while it was going, and I never did see any soap bubbles. Maybe it’s some futuristic kind of detergent as well- like that Wen shampoo (according to the late-night infomercials, Wen doesn’t get all bubbly because that robs your hair of much needed- blah blah blah). I’m surprised that you didn’t know that.


I have to be checked out by 10:30. I’m staying here tonight but have upgraded my last night to a private room. Just a bit too much snoring in the room last night and the night before. I got fairly decent sleep, but I think getting a full night’s worth is in order. The problem is that they aren’t going to let me check back in until after 15:00.

03.13.16 | 08:20

Later in the afternoon, I made my way back to the restaurant again, and when I walked in the front doors, one of the servers recognized me right away and told me she’s glad that I came back. I just smiled and said to her that the fact that I forget everything is quite normal. She ran into a back room and grabbed my CD.

img_5595Last night was an incredibly awesome concert at the SECC Clyde Auditorium (at least I think that’s what the building is called). This was an incredibly life-changing experience. When I first booked the tickets months ago, I saw that the headliner was Eric Church- since I had already added “Attend An Eric Church Concert” to my bucket list, this was a no-brainer. Here’s what’s cool- I didn’t even know that Chris Stapleton was one of the openers for him, who is also on the list! How cool is that?

The concert was fantastic! The first one up was a guy named Andrew [something-er-rather]. He was good, but two things bugged me:

  1. His bass was way too loud and overpowering. I couldn’t even hear his lyrics, and I’m all about the lyrics.
  2. He would never smile. He looked as if he didn’t want to be there. He also kept looking down at his feet. The poor boy suffers from a low self-image or something. He sounded good, though. Still, I don’t think I’ll be buying his album anytime soon.

Next up was Chris Stapleton- imagine me screaming like a wee school girl. It was a bit like that- only it was me, not the tiny school girl. The next one to take the stage was Kasey Musgraves. I’ve never paid too much attention to her songs, only the big one that everyone knows- Follow Your Arrow. I found out that I do like her songwriting style. She is very gifted, and her delivery was spot-on. As a result, I had to buy one of her CDs afterward.

FINALLY, Eric Church comes out! Do you know how people typically stand up at concerts for the excellent and energetic songs and sit down for the slower ones? Well, NOBODY sat for his entire set! It was stinkin’ awesome! He is one of those artists who sounds every bit as good live as he does on a studio album.

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