Scotland 5: Day 12

03.12.16 | 06:54 | Glasgow Hostel

It’s good to be back in the city! Not that the smaller cities and villages have been bad, but I do enjoy the change of pace. It’s like when I’m at home, it’s nice, quiet and country but often times for my work I end up in the bigger cities. It’s all good, as long as I never have to live in a big city again.

When I arrived in Glasgow yesterday afternoon, it was raining hard, just like Oban had been. I made my way from the Queen Street Station to the hostel, only getting lost twice. The good news is that I didn’t have to ask for directions, OR turn on my phone- I’m stubborn AND I saved money! 😀

After check-in, I was on a mission to find Will Young’s CD that came out last year. Sadly it’s not available in the U.S. iTunes store and I need a U.K. address in order to have access to that store. I went out to HMV and found it- yay!

I went to find an early dinner. All I know is that I needed something remotely healthy. All these chippies and IRN BRUs aren’t very good for my body. I found a lovely steak salad and had a good sit.


Last night I went back to the cinema and watched the new Allegiant film. I was hoping this, the third of the Divergent series would offer some closure. Nope. It was a fun film, but no closure, really. It’s horrible!


When I woke this morning, I realized that I had left my Will Young CD (that I had just purchased yesterday) at the restaurant where I had my steak salad last night. I know I would forget my head if it wasn’t securely attached… but I sometimes wonder if it is attached at all.  My first task will be to go try to find the restaurant and see if they have my CD. I remember the inside of the dining room, but don’t recall the name. It was good… and it was some kind of Italian fusion food. Wish me luck!


img_5583I was able to locate the restaurant where I think I left my CD. They aren’t open for breakfast, however. Unfortunately, I was unable to see if it was there. I’ll head back after getting some things done at the hostel. I found breakfast at a little cafe. I ordered the “breakfast haddie”, which is just an excuse to serve a smoked haddock fish with poached eggs. The fish was good- a bit odd for breakfast, but good still. It needs to be said that I have mixed feelings about poached eggs. Sometimes they’re really good and other times, not-so-much. This was one of the not-so-much times.

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