Scotland 5: Day 11

03.11.16 | 07:07 | Oban Hostel

I had a really cool conversation with Michael last night. Apparently his chosen major of Marine Sciences is a good one. It pretty much guarantees him a job once he graduates and there are about a million places he can take it. I also found out that he is a certified dive instructor and worked for about 6 months doing that off the coast of some island. He decided after high school he would take 2 ½ years off and “find himself”.

I guess I’ve never understood the rules. There are so many people from Europe who I’ve met that have similar thinking. They take off and travel as a way of discovering who they are. Discovering who I am is a constant and daily thing. It dawned on me, years ago, that every single morning when I wake up, I get to decide the person I want to be.

09:34 | Oban ScotRail Station

My train doesn’t leave until just after noon, and I was going to hang out at the hostel, but I realized I was out of Emergen-C and thought it would be best if I hit Boots on my way over. So now I sit here waiting.


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