Scotland 7: Day 1

03.02.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:15

Before I left the airport this morning, I stopped in the airport Starbucks and ate a chocolate muffin. Since I didn’t get any sleep on the plane, I needed to put something into my body that would give me some energy. It was after 08:00 (01:00 to my body) and I just needed something.

I walked outside and requested an Uber. It’s a nice, partly cloudy day in Edinburgh. It’s not raining but it must have yesterday, because the streets are all still wet.

I requested an Uber and I had my driver drop me off at the Omni Centre in New Town. This place has plenty of restaurants, a gym, and even a Vue cinema. I just don’t have the energy to do very much exploring right now. I needed a place to keep out of the wind and just relax for the time being. I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse– mostly because it was the first show playing at that moment.

I really enjoyed the animation, but there was just too much going on. I may have had a poor experience because I was fighting to stay awake for most of the film. If I could have, I would’ve spread out across the seats and just took a nap. Instead, I fought off sleep by trying to pay attention to the plot line. Occasionally I had to slap myself on the cheek to keep from dozing off.


I ended getting a late lunch at Slug and Lettuce, a popular restaurant at the Omni Centre. I’ve eaten here a number of times over the years- I ordered a vegetarian pasta. It was really good- I sometimes forget that I don’t have to eat a dead animal at every single meal.

When I checked into my Airbnb, the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the lock box which had the key to get inside. I stood on the front porch of the building for about 15 minutes. Finally, the manager returned my message on Airbnb. She explained where it was and I walked up the stairs until I came to the top of the stairs, door ‘G’. 

This is a cute little one-bedroom flat. At this point, all I really wanted to do is use the toilet and then take a nap.  I set an alarm, just in case, but ended up getting a deep, three-hour nap. This was enough to catch up on some sleep, but I don’t feel like that was too much, especially after being up for about 24 hours. Hopefully, I can fall back to sleep tonight.

When I woke from my nap, I was feeling hungry again, so I walked down the street and found a little grocery store. I got some salad fixings, and small Belgium chocolate cake, some digestive biscuits (when in Rome) and some herbal teas. The plan for Scotland 7 is to not gain any weight. Therefore, I will eat more veggies, less junk food (yeah, right!), and be more active. If I can just come out even, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

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