Scotland 7: Day 28

03.29.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:35 sent me an email last night. They wanted me to know that the airline Wow Air was no longer in business. I had read this in the news, and I feel bad that all those employees will lose their jobs, but sometimes this happens with airlines. Why were they letting me know this? Because they are one of the flights that I’d planned to fly home on.

I called Kiwi’s customer service line, and they told me that they would get back to me within 48 hours with a new plan. She told me that I can cancel the flight altogether, and they would try to get a refund from all three airlines, but the only guaranteed refund would be the leg I had booked on Wow Air.

One part of me just wants to book a whole new flight home and hopefully get a refund for the original flights (the agent told me that it could take up to 30 days to get that refund). Still, another part of me wants to take advantage of the situation and run off to some undisclosed location in Europe.

Then I overheard some people talking about the whole Brexit thing. Since they haven’t reached an agreement on the plan, this is likely to weaken the British Pound. If that happens, If it gets closer to the U.S. dollar, I could take advantage of this and get a killer deal somewhere within the U.K. Maybe I could jump down to London for a few days or something like that. For now, I think I’ll wait to hear back from Kiwi and then make the decision when it’s time. If I was a “normal” person, this would probably stress me out a bit- and even though it did at first, I’ll just count this whole thing as part of the adventure.

It’s been a relaxed day- I didn’t visit any castles but read and rested. I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m on vacation and it’s ok to take some downtime. I got some reading done and have been listening to the Serial Killers podcasts while walking around.

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