Scotland 7: Day 29

03.30.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 21:00

The bad news: I spent a good part of the morning talking with a very rude employee at He first told me his name was Steve. I could tell, however, that he was sitting in a call center somewhere in India. Yes, there is a chance his name is Steve, but when I asked him he confessed that his name wasn’t Steve after all. It was Mohinder (I think that’s how it’s spelled).

So the situation is this- Wow Air has ceased its operations due to bankruptcy. Since I was planning on taking three flights home, and that was simply my middle flight, I can’t take either of the flights. The only refund coming to me is the portion for the second flight, I think I’ll be getting around $130 back. wanted me to pay the €20 to pursue getting my money back from the other two airlines (easyJet and JetBlue) and even though I want those refunds,’s website wasn’t taking my payment online.

I spoke with their customer service agent, hoping they could take my payment over the phone, but there was no way they could do that. They told me that the problem was on the side of my bank, not their system. So I requested to speak with a supervisor and he told me he’d have one call me back.

Next, I called my bank to see if it was indeed them stopping the payment. As I suspected, it wasn’t. About three hours later, I got the call back from the supervisor. By then, I was so frustrated and mad that I didn’t want to deal with them anymore. Buyer beware: is a great site for looking for cheap flights, but they really don’t care if you get to your destination.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. I needed to calm down, and I didn’t feel as though I had the mental capacity to explore Edinburgh Castle just yet. Instead, I read from my book, went for a couple of walks and even went to Oink for lunch. If you recall, Oink is the restaurant where they have a whole, dead hog in the window. I first had a sandwich there last year, and it was amazing!

The hostel is full this weekend because there is some big rugby game happening today. All the guys in my room are here from all over the U.K. with tickets to the game. They’re pretty stoked and they can’t believe that I didn’t know about it. Rugby is life, after all- or it should be according to the guy who is in the next bed over. I guess the right team won, and there is happy, drunk singing in the streets tonight.

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