Scotland 6: Day 39

04.06.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:20

This morning, I was finally able to hike up to Arthur’s Seat again. I wanted to do it at the beginning of the trip, but we were in that big snowstorm, if. you recall. Even today, there was a lot of mud because of the snow storm we had two days ago. Still, it was a great climb and the views are always so breathtaking! I imagine I’ll climb it at least once more before I leave Edinburgh.

For years now, I have come across Oink, which is a restaurant that has a large, dead hog in the window. In fact, that’s really the only thing the restaurant services, they carve off this hog all day. you can get it as a sandwich if you wish. I finally got an early lunch at the place! It was quite delicious, even though I’m pretty sure that P.E.T.A. wouldn’t approve of the meal- nor the window “decor”.

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