Scotland 6: Day 40

04.07.18 | Edinburgh Flat | 11:05

As per usual, today was a very rainy day. My hopes of headed back up Arthur’s Seat were soon washed away. I decided to declare today a laundry day. I spent most of the morning and afternoon reading or watching movies because the laundromat that I used to use, that was located close by, is now out of business. The next closest one I could find was a good 20-minute walk.


My legs were killing me, thanks to my hike up Arthur’s Seat yesterday. I was hurting so bad, but I managed to get a massage today, and I’m surprised they were able to get me in at the last moment, especially on the weekend.


Tonight I went to dinner at The Doric, which is the oldest Gastro-pub in Edinburgh, built in the 1700’s, according to the back of the menu. So- today I made history by simply eating there.

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