Scotland 7: Day 30

03.31.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 21:54

I don’t have a whole lot to report today. Since it’s Sunday today, I wanted to have a day of relaxing. I was able to make it out to church. I was planning on walking, but as I set out to start the walk, I noticed my phone had stopped working. It was on but wasn’t responding to my touch. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to respond. I ran back inside and up to my room, hooked it up to my laptop and reinstalled the software. This worked like a charm but made it to where I would have been late for church. I decided to summon an Uber and made it just in time.

After church, I walked back to the hostel, took a nap, and worked on some postcards to send back to the states. I listened to some podcasts for a bit and ended up getting my dinner at Mum’s. Later, I walked over to Greyfriar’s and walked around the cemetery, finding family names. I did a live stream from the sight, nothing too exciting, just something to show the friends back home what I was up to. For those of you who like to watch the live streams, I’m occasionally on Periscope with the nickname @DavTravels.

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