Scotland 7: Day 31

04.01.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 20:17

I decided this morning to go on a long walk. It ended up being over 6 miles, by the time I got back to the hostel. I walked all the way to the Ocean Terminal Shopping Center, which is a mall in North Leith that is right on the Firth of Forth. I decided to do one of my ‘<100 Steps’ posts. This is simply where I walk with my camera while counting my steps. I have to take a picture before I the count gets up to one hundred. Do to all the pictures and lack of storytelling, you may find this post boring.

I, on the other hand, love doing this because it means that I am really paying attention to my surroundings. Sometimes when I go on walks, it’s easy to get lost in my thoughts, or lost in the music I’m listening to. When I do this, however, it’s an entirely different experience. I find myself paying attention to the little details all around me because I only have so many steps left before I have to take another picture. I recommend taking a walk with your camera and going this.

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