Scotland 7: Day 32

04.02.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:54

Tonight was such a cool night! I went on a City of the Dead tour. This tour, which I also went on a few years ago, is all about Edinburgh’s haunted past. Paranormal stuff has always fascinated me. To be honest, I don’t believe in so much of it, but it still fascinates me.

Before the tour, I got myself in a spooky mood by listening to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack, while taking some pictures. I used them. “Noir” filter on my phone to give the pics a scary feel.

There were a few moments on the tour where I was legitimately frightened, but that was only when the tour guide would shout or try to scare us. So I guess ‘frightened’ is the wrong word. It’s more like I was startled.

The tour actually takes you into some underground places in Edinburgh that had actually been sealed up for centuries. One if the places are supposedly haunted by a young boy called Jack. Freaky stuff!

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