NYC 2017: Day 5

09.17.17 | New York, New York | 08:48

Brooklyn: My major complaint against this Airbnb is that the hosts didn’t provide me with any bath towels. This means that yesterday I had to dry off with my clothes (this was annoying because all I had were dirty, stinky clothes), and this morning I had to dry off with paper towels. Hopefully, after I check out and they come down to clean the apartment, they’ll see all the paper towels in the bathroom trash and take the hint.


Manhattan: My lunch was terrific! I have always been a fan of ramen noodles, even the cheap kind you buy when you are a poor college student! They’re delicious and comforting. A dear friend told me to try out a restaurant called Ippudo. This was the ultimate ramen! I will be coming back for future visits!


Staten Island: I have arrived at my next stop- I had no idea what Staten Island would be like. It seems so much more relaxed than the fast pace of the other boroughs. The ferry to cross over from Manhattan is entirely free, and I look forward to crossing tomorrow night again to see all the lights on the shore!

My Staten Island Airbnb is probably the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in. So many of these places are created as an afterthought. People want the income from renting out their business, but they all don’t seem to want to put in the time or effort to make it feel like home. I really can’t complain about my Brooklyn stay, but this new place is so much more comfortable! It has that feeling of home.

My host even put towels in toiletries in a basket on the bed! A great touch!
The kindest note to welcome me!

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