Scotland 6: Day 36

04.03.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 21:00

Today was the return of the winter season. I kid you not! When I first went outside to find breakfast, it was a snowy/ wintry mix. Not sticking, of course, but definitely snowing! It was beautiful to look at. I walked around for a while and even visited The Apple Store. I’m not ready to make any new purchases, but it’s always nice to go inside and dream for a minute or two. Just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Apple store is true. Also like Jesus, Apple loves me.

After a haircut to “freshen up” (my dark burgundy hair is now a faded pink- I still love it), I swung by H&M because I have misplaced my scarf. On days like today, a scarf is necessary. It’s probably going to be rainy when I go to Edinburgh tomorrow. I next stopped by the grocery store and grabbed some snacks and decided that today I’d hang out inside. Reading and watching movies, seemed like the best option- it’s too cold outside!

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