Scotland 6: Day 35

04.02.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 23:39

Quick report, as I’m extremely tired tonight: What started out as a horribly windy morning and partly cloudy morning, soon turned into a very rainy day. I don’t think the sun came out one time. This is, of course, what happens in Scotland. After a walk along the river, instead of being bored, I decided to try and do some indoor activities.

After breakfast, I tried to go to two different art galleries, but both happened to be closed… I ended up going back to the cinema and seeing a matinee of A Quiet Place. Scary movie, but really good. I’ve decided I have a thing for Emily Blunt. She is extremely good at acting, and the girl sings!

Tonight I went to see a play at the SEC Armadillo called Blood Upon the Rose. It was good, but I was lost for much of the time because it was a political drama about Ireland during the First World War. It was a musical, and that’s the main reason I went. The actors had really decent voices, especially the leads. The only thing I would change- it was boring since I couldn’t really understand a lot of the dialogue.

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