Scotland 6: Day 34

04.01.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 11:35

When I initially tried to book a private room at this hostel, they didn’t have any available for my first night back here in Glasgow. This is how I ended up last night in a room that I had to share with three others. All three of my roommates were girls attending college in Stirling and are in town to see a concert with their friends. They told me the artist’s name, and not wanting them to know I’m not cool, I pretended to know exactly who they were talking about. Honestly, I had no clue.

The hostel did have a private room for the other days I’ll be here, however. This means that I had to be out of my room this morning by 11:00, but they will let me check into the new, private room early. I’ve decided to take the morning to listen to podcasts, since there is no church today. This gives me something to do while I’m waiting for my clothes to wash, and I can check into the new room.


This afternoon, I got a burger for late lunch- at Handmade Burger Co. This is the same place that I came for dinner two years ago and told a little white lie that I was a blogger for the Travel Channel (see post). I know I shouldn’t lie, but I wanted to make them feel bad, and that’s just what happened. Anyway, I didn’t try taking pictures this time because if they got mad again, I wouldn’t want to be forced to lie a second time.

After a delicious meal, I went to see the movie Isle of Dogs. This was probably the funniest movie I’ve been to lately! It’s more of a quirky funny- definitely not a comedy. I highly recommend seeing it! I grabbed a few snacks on the way home. Even though I’m not anywhere close to hungry yet, I did have that early dinner, and I don’t want to have to go out to eat in the middle of the night.

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