Scotland 6: Day 37

04.04.18 | Glasgow > Edinburgh | 10:52

After I get off of this plane in Edinburgh, it goes on and eventually goes all the way to Penzance, as in, The Pirates of Penzance! Does anyone remember any part of the “legacy” that I left behind at Eastern Arizona College? I wanna sing and dance, I wanna sing and dance, I wanna be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance… Is this one of those full-circle moments? I think that perhaps it is.

It’s another rainy morning in Glasgow, but not as rainy as it was the last two days. It’s ok, however, because I’m on my way back to Edinburgh, and I’m sure that means it will be sunny and in the 70s. I kid- I checked the weather and it’s pretty much the same, for a couple of days, at least. Still, I’m excited about this Edinburgh round, because I’m doing the AirB&B thing. I have secured a lovely flat, that is right on High Street, up close to Edinburgh Castle. It should be lovely.

Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:24

I called it- the weather in Edinburgh is exactly the same as it was this morning in Glasgow, but colder. The snow has been coming down since I stepped off the train at Waverly Station. I’ll be hanging out in this Starbucks for the next 2 1/2 hours. I’m happy to keep on purchasing herbal teas or even hot chocolate if this is needed to extend my stay. I’m sharing a table with a young girl who is attending university in Cork, Ireland. She is, however, from Fort Worth, Texas. I showed her where my sister Melanie lives on the map and she says that’s not too far from her home. She knows the area well.

She asked me if I’d ever visited my sister, and when I told her that I had, she asked me if I hate Fort Worth- not how I feel about it, but if I hate it. I told her I had nothing against it, but I’m not that type of person who can sit still very long anyway. If I’m not traveling, there needs to at least be a plan for travel. Even a road trip somewhere works perfectly.


Ok- this apartment is the absolute best location! It’s very close to everything on the old side of the city. I wish I owned it! The first thing I did when I got here (other than using the restroom) was walked around and took some pictures! This place is truly lovely! It’s an older flat, but location, location, location!

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