Scotland 6: Day 42

04.09.18 | Edinburgh Flat | 13:29

So far, today has been excellent! I found the coolest little cafe for a snack. I wish I’d discovered this place years ago, I’ve probably walked past it at least a hundred times. I got a fruit tart thingy and some hot chocolate. It still amazing me that people take the time to make the little design on top of the hot drinks. I almost hate to drink it, because I don’t want to destroy their artwork.

I went back to see the street performer do his act again. I recorded the entire thing on Periscope, and so it’s about a 45 minute video. I’m not going to upload the entire thing here, but you can definitely check it out. The guy was pretty funny, but you could tell that he’d practiced the same jokes over and over again. Something about his delivery was off. Still, he’s a great performer! To see my Periscope feed (and follow me!) go to I’m going to start doing more live videos over there.

So, I’m not much into buying souvenirs, I’ve always looked at the pictures I take as my souvenirs, so I haven’t had to spend very much money on these trips. I decided a few years back that I love skulls. It’s not to the point of obsession or anything like that, but I just think they’re cool. At home, I’ve got a few ceramic skulls from Mexico, and I decided that I would build that collection. Today I bought a new one. To be honest, I wish it was legal to own a human skull.


Tonight I had dinner at The Witchery. This is my absolute favorite restaurant in Edinburgh. It’s overpriced, with small portions, but it’s all about the ambience! I don’t often eat at fancy restaurants, but it’s fun to get dressed up and go out. This would be the ultimate restaurant to take a date… I’ll have to do that some day.

First Course: Grilled Isle of Mull Scallop, Cauliflower Purée, Curry Sauce, Apple and Coriander
Second Course: Jambonette of Perthshire Guinea Fowl ‘en croute’, sweet corn, basil, potato purée
Third Course: Pear William tarts tatin, star anise, milk ice cream

It is with great sadness that the Edinburgh part of this journey is ending tomorrow morning. Tonight I’m packing up all my stuff, and getting everything ready so in the morning, all I’ll have to do is shower, grab my stuff, and head to the airport.

Even though I’m not quite ready to come home yet, It’s time to go somewhere that I haven’t been in 11 years…

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