Ireland 2: Day 2

04.11.18 | Dublin Hostel | 20:24

Dublin is such a great city! After breakfast, I just went out and explored. I didn’t want to pull out a map or any directions, so I just left the hostel and wandered in the city. I walked through the temple bar area, but just kept walking. I love doing this- I always try to get lost. Then when I do, I’ll usually just pull up the directions on my phone to get found. That’s what I did this morning.

When I was searching for dinner, I walked into a restaurant and found some guys playing traditional Irish folk music. I stopped and recorded one of their songs on Periscope. They did such a great job!

(I will upload my Periscope video when I have a better internet connection.)

After the performance, I found a great restaurant for dinner. The one with the players was so full and they didn’t have any tables available. I had some lamb shanks… at least I think that’s what I was eating. At any rate, I know there was some part of a dead, cooked lamb on my plate. It was very good!

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