Ireland 2: Day 3

04.12.18 | Dublin Hostel | 20:46

This morning I met a girl named Shannon. I believe she told me she was from Michigan. I could be wrong about that, however. Over breakfast, she told me all about bullet journaling. This is kind of a easy way to record your goals, and daily events. I really can’t explain it, but I think I want to learn more about it and figure out whether or not it’s for me. I think that it could help me in organizing my thoughts.

Today turned out to be incredible! I decided to book a day trip with a company called Wild Rover ( We left Dublin at 08:10 for the first leg. This was a 63 mile ride down to the medieval city of Kilkenny. There were some buildings and parts of the town that have been preserved since the early 1300’s! It was so cool!

Kilkenny is where Alice Kyteler was born in the year 1263. Kyteler was the very first Irish woman who was ever accused of witchcraft. Lucky for her, she fled to England in 1324 before they could burn her to death on a stake. This was all happened because her own kids accused her of using poison and witchcraft to kill her first three husbands (she was married four times).

Next, I walked to the far end of this small city, to St. Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower. The tower was fun to climb, as the steep steps were almost like climbing ladders. The view from the top was the perfect 360 degree view of Kilkenny and the surrounding area.

Afterward it was amazing to walk around the cathedral, because there were so many graves! If this is our first meeting, you need to know that I love graveyards. They fascinate the hell out me!

The second leg of this tour was through the Wicklow Mountains to Glendalough. When we arrived, we all hiked through the most beautiful valley to the upper lake. On my journey, I recorded some live video on Periscope, but it would take me way too much time to upload it onto this blog (the last video took way too long, and it was only a five minute recording! This recording was over 15 minutes!).

This is one of those parts of Ireland that is so beautiful! I probably saw 37 shades of green! Perhaps I’ll return to this valley at a future date. It was very touristy, but that understandable because of the views!

The third and final leg of the journey was to visit Richard Cullen, an Irish sheep farmer and watch him herd sheep with his border collies, Bruce and Jerry. This was really cool to watch! I’ve seen this on TV before, these dogs are so well trained and disciplined! After watching this, Richard brought us all over to the shed where the newborn lambs were kept. They brought four of them out and let us all cuddle and play with them. The twins were literally born yesterday! They were so cute!

As you can see, today was perfect! The travel has wiped me out, and I’m going to sleep well tonight! Tomorrow I’m off to my next destination.

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