Scotland 4: Day 12

4.8.11 | Dundee Hostel | 15:49

Today has been quite good! I started this morning with a search for breakfast. I ended up at Starbucks so that I could use their internet connection, so breakfast was a butter crescent, a blueberry muffin, and a white hot chocolate- healthy AND well-balanced (not really). I needed the connection because the hostel’s is still borked.

I wanted to go pick up my train tickets since I go further north tomorrow. When I got down to the station, I walked around looking at the Tay Firth. Next, I headed back into the city and soon found the Dundee High School (Ages 5 to 18) and kept that direction, heading up the hill. A few minutes I found myself on the top of Dundee Law, which is a hill that overlooks the city.

While up there, I met an elderly couple who told me that they used to live in Canada, but now they lived close to Glasgow. They were in town to see one of their daughters who lived here now, and the lady told me that it had been 40 years since they’d last been to Dundee. They were quite nice as they wished me luck on my journey.

After hiking back down, I wanted to find some lunch. I finally was able to find a place, near the hostel, called The Town Bar and Restaurant. Can I tell you that the food was great (I had salmon) but the service sucked big time? My server kept forgetting that I was there, and so when I’d order a glass of water, it would take him 25 minutes to get it to me. After a bit, a different server started took over for him, but she also kept forgetting me. I don’t require much attention or anything but just don’t forget I exist. That’s my only request. No tip for you!


Dinner was a restaurant called Papa Joe’s. I had some a goat cheese parcel, some garlic bread, and a huge piece of lasagna. I almost had to roll out of the restaurant, I was so full! The food was great and the service was so much better than I’d experienced earlier in the day.

I totally lucked out in Dundee. I didn’t have to share my room with anybody at all. Yay for traveling now, and not being here during the summer! I’m sure they would have been a lot busier, had I come in the warmer months. Very restful sleep here.
Tomorrow I’m off to my next destination.

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