Scotland 4: Day 13

4.9.11 | Dundee > Aberdeen | 11:05

I’ve had a good morning, thus far. I woke up at about 08:00 and got my things together. I loaded up the backpack and checked out of the hostel. I think what I’ll miss the most about Dundee is the people who live in the hostel. There are about five people that I know of, who live there full-time. Some are students, some working and some looking for jobs. Most of them are from Australia but I know that at least one of them is from Canada. They are a fun group and act like brothers and sisters, complete with wrestling and pillow fights.

I checked out, left the hostel and went to the mall and grabbed some hot chocolate and an almond crescent (am I even spelling crescent right?). The Wi-Fi there allowed me to check my email and update this blog. I love it… this is something that the hostel in Dundee could never provide. They’ve been having issues, apparently.

At the moment I’m on the train. I can tell the ride to Aberdeen is going to be beautiful. I think we’ll be on the coast for most of the ride. I just wish my seat was on the other side of the train. I’m on the land side, but I’m sure there will still be some great views. Even if it’s not the beautiful on this side- it was a cheap seat, so it’s all good.

We just crossed next to a golf course. It’s too bad that I’m not into the game of golf. Someone told me that the game was invented in Saint Andrews, Scotland and so some of the oldest golf courses in the world are here. Maybe such facts should excite me, but all I have to say is MEH. The only thing more boring than playing golf is watching golf. I do, however, enjoy trying to run over others whilst driving the golf cart… so maybe there is something there for me after all.

Aberdeen Hostel |13:30

Aberdeen seems to be another nice little city. For some reason, the sandstone buildings here are grayer and less brown like in Edinburgh, or it could just be my imagination and the way the light happens to be hitting them.

My hostel is located out of the city and it was quite a hike. I’m guessing I just walked about 2 miles from the train station. That’s no big deal unless you happen to be carrying a big ole backpack. I’m pretty sure I burned a few calories on my way out here. When I arrived, there were two guys from Ireland who greeted me. Very nice of them, as they don’t even work here.



Aberdeen Hostel


This time, I got an all-male dorm room. Usually, a mixed gender situation is cheaper, and so that’s what I’ve been doing up to this point (except in Glasgow where I’d booked my own private room). The disadvantage to this male-only room setup is the fact that the hallway outside my room smells a little bit like a men’s locker room. The lady at the front desk told me that there would be one other person in my room with me tonight, so here’s crossing my fingers that he isn’t a snorer.

My roommate is out now but I think he’s an American like me. This is because I see he wears Wrangler jeans (they’re hanging up- although they do sell Wranglers here in the UK, I’ve yet to see someone from the UK actually wearing them.) and also I can see a cell phone bill envelope with a return address of somewhere in California. Think I’ll get a wee nap.


I walked into the city to find something to eat, and I saw another La Tasca restaurant. This is the same restaurant that gave me the crappy service in Edinburgh. I thought I’d give it another chance. The exact same thing happened: I got my food and the server took off forever and even though I needed some more water, they wouldn’t even come to check on me- it’s so horrible. I do believe that I’m done eating at La Tasca for good. Two different cities- and the exact same customer service. What sucks is the fact that the food there is really good- at least what I ordered both times was very delicious. Never again… or until I get a craving that I can’t deny … whichever comes first.


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