Scotland 4: Day 14

4.10.11 | Aberdeen Hostel | 08:39

I feel sorry for the 2 guys in my room with me last night. At about midnight, I developed a bit of a cough. If I wasn’t coughing, I was trying to clear my throat. Actually, I know Adam (the one from Ireland) was asleep because I could hear him snoring. I’m not sure if the other boy (the one who I think is from the US) could hear me or not. He’s a very quiet sleeper.


I walked into town in pursuit of a good breakfast. I ended up at Starbucks again. Not very original, I know. I was attracted, once again to their internet connection. I already pay for it, so I may as well use it. After my health, vitamin-packed nutritious meal, I decide to walk out to the ship docks. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be taking a ferry to my next destination, and I just wanted to know where to go exactly. It wasn’t difficult to find- but it’s going to be another mile and a half (or so) with my heavy pack. I should just break down and get a cab.

I started back through Aberdeen, following the River Dee… or is it called the Dee River? I’m not sure what the locals referred to as. I followed it for a bit, then headed north back into downtown. I found a Tesco and got some lunch to go. A chicken salad sandwich, some peach flavored sparkling water, and a Mars bar. I made my way back to the hostel and enjoyed lunch.


I took another nap today. It was only for about an hour, but it was great! Naps should be taken every day, I think. After that, I went down to the living room and read a book for awhile. It was so nice outside that when it came time for dinner, I strolled back into the city to find food. I went out to Indian food (again). I love the stuff. I think one of the reasons is because I can’t explain what it tastes like to me. As far as American food or Mexican food goes, you can pretty much take a look and guess what it’s going to taste like. But not Indian food. I can’t even describe the taste, but it’s good.


Adam told me tonight that he was very excited because he has a job offer. He’s been living in Aberdeen for the last five months trying to get work, but the economy sucks all over the world right now. He said the problem with Scotland is that everybody only wants to hire their own family here. I really can’t blame them, if the family member is at least as qualified as the nonfamily member.

Due to Adam’s got excitement, he ran to a local market and bought three cases of beer. He drinks like he’s from Ireland or something- it’s crazy. So he’s been a little tipsy most of the evening and pretty much making a fool of himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets himself kicked out of the hostel soon. Oh well, I’m off tomorrow so I probably won’t get to witness that.

Tomorrow I go north. The schedule says I’ll be on the North Sea for 12 hours or so. I have no idea if I’ll get seasick or not. I’m guessing that I’ll be fine since I am on planes and in vehicles all the time. Don’t seasick people usually get all kinds of motion sickness? I’ll let you know how it goes.

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