Scotland 4: Day 11

4.7.11 | Dundee Hostel | 13:33

I have reached my next destination safely. My train left Edinburgh at 09:28 and even though it was only about 60 miles, it took about an hour and a half to get here. Dundee is located on the Tay Firth… I think that’s what it’s called, need to do some more research. This is my first time here and it’s lovely. Way smaller than Edinburgh, but still has a city feel.

When I first arrived, I dropped off my bags at the hostel front desk and walked around a bit. I soon stumbled upon another cemetery and walked through, finding more family names. I’m such a nerd! My hope is that these family names will entice my parents into coming to Scotland someday. They’re very into genealogy, especially my dad.



I met a group of people from Australia who are living at this hostel for a full year. Two of them are working, while a third is looking for work. They seem very nice and invited me to play some football. I’d have joined them and gotten my butt kicked, but I needed a nap in the worse way. Part of me feels guilty for napping, this being my first time in Dundee, but the other part of me knows that I’m on vacation and it’s okay to get some relaxation time in.


After hanging out with the Aussies for a little while, I set out to find some dinner. It amazed me at how many restaurants this town DOESN’T have. I walked around for what seemed like an eternity (mostly because I was hungry at the time) and other than pub food, I came across one kabob shop. I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I kept walking. I ended up at a Turkish restaurant that was quite good. I probably spent a little more than I should have on dinner, but I can now say I’ve had Turkish food.


It’s looking like I may have this room to myself tonight. I thought that for sure I’d have at least a couple roommates tonight since there are eight beds in this room. I don’t think anyone else is even staying on this side of the hostel… that means my own bathroom and everything. Wahoo!


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