Scotland 4: Day 10

4.6.11 | Edinburgh Hostel | 09:30

It’s another beautiful, rainy Edinburgh morning! I’m sitting in the hostel lounge, waiting for my laundry to finish, deciding what to do for breakfast- I’d better decide soon as I’m very hungry!


After eating breakfast at “Always Sunday”, I walked down to the train station to pick up my train ticket for tomorrow. Even though I’ve prepaid for all my tickets, I didn’t have them sent internationally because I worried they wouldn’t arrive in time. Each train station has a kiosk where you can go pick up your prepaid tickets- it’s genius. This way I don’t really have time to lose my ticket before I board the train.


Today is officially the rainiest day I’ve ever experienced in Scotland. I’ve lucked out when traveling in April. It has often been rainy in the morning but by about 0800 or so, it starts to clear up and might rain a tiny bit throughout the day. We’ve had a rather heavy rain since I woke up this morning- and right now it’s showing no signs of stopping or slowing. But the weather changes so fast here, it will no doubt be sunny again soon.
I’m downloading the rest of General Conference at the moment. This has been an ordeal that has taken several days. If I were home on my faster connection I could have downloaded it in a matter of minutes, I’m sure. Here, the wifi is slower (but free so I won’t complain), plus I can’t just leave it downloading when I leave the hostel- the wireless signal won’t reach into my room. So when I’m not here, my iPad has to be locked up in my room. I don’t trust these people enough to leave it out. Do you blame me?


Well, I found a place to sing karaoke. I sang “From This Moment” by Shania Twain. Don’t judge me. I was good, though it was the very top end of my range and I couldn’t stylize it very well. It was still fun, however. The fact that most of the group had already had a couple pints is why I got most of my applause. I’m still thankful for it. It feeds my ever-growing ego.

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