Scotland 5: Prelude 2

02.29.16 | 17:50 (Mountain Time) | Denver > Reykjavik


The plane got to the gate about an hour and a half before our scheduled departure. I’m amazed at the number of passengers who stood up to wait in line, even though we had plenty of time before the flight crew was going to let us board the plane. Even with assigned seating, I guess they were as excited as I was.

As I boarded, I handed the flight attendant one of the boxes of chocolates that I’d brought with me. His reaction was not what I was expecting. He sarcastically rolled his eyes and said, “Just what I need, more sugar!” I should have taken it back, but I just smiled and told him that I wouldn’t force him to eat any and that it’s for the entire flight crew. A simple Thank you would have worked.

I managed to get an exit row seat. Today I’m traveling in style- economy class style. The guy sitting next to me, whose name I don’t remember, has been coughing nonstop since we were pushed back from the gate in Denver. He has finally fallen asleep, which is what I was hoping would happen. Nice fellow, though- he told me he was from just west of London and is headed home after a ski vacation in Colorado. I guess his cough is a souvenir he’s taking home from the U.S.

img_5487When one of the gals in the seat behind me was sitting down, I spied her Southwest Airlines crew badge. I told her I had one of those in my carry on bag. Small world! She is Las Vegas based and is heading to Iceland for about four days with one of her friends. After that, they plan on flying to Maine and going skiing.

08:21 | Reykjavik > Glasgow

The sun is now rising. Today is going to be awesome! We just had about an hour-and-a-half on the ground in Reykjavik. The airport seems to be a throwback to the 1970s. You know that wood paneling that so many houses had? Picture that, only a lot more of it. The flight was delayed leaving the airport because they had to bus all of us passengers out to a tarmac. Finally, we were able to de-ice and we are now on our way.

Unlike the first flight crew, this crew was very appreciative for the chocolates. The lady thanked me and a few minutes later, upgraded my seat to an exit row aisle seat that was much roomier. I don’t bring chocolate so that they’ll upgrade me, but if it happens, then that’s what I call a win-win!

I sat next to a girl named Brianna. She is from Denver and is coming to Scotland for the very first time to meet her online boyfriend face to face (eek!). I was nervous for her. She showed me his picture and he surely doesn’t look like a rapist or a serial killer. I guess many rapists and serial killers don’t look that way either. Before we parted ways, I gave her my card so that she can get ahold of me if needed. Maybe I’ll be part of the rescue operation.

A few minutes later, I saw her in the airport, close to tears, because she was unable to withdraw any money from the ATM. I asked if I could help at all, but she said no. I reminded here that she had my phone number, and also gave her my email address, just in case.

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