Scotland 5: Day 1

03.01.16 | 11:04 | Glasgow Hostel

Glasgow is every bit as beautiful as I remember! The brown buildings bring back so many fond memories! As I made my way from the airport shuttle to the hostel, I had to stop during my walk and take a few pictures. Today it’s overcast, which is quite common in Scotland, especially at this time of year. The streets are wet from a morning rain, but thank goodness it has let up just long enough for me to get to the hostel.


The lady at the reception desk of the Euro Hostel told me that I couldn’t check in until after 15:00 and so I stowed my backpack in their luggage room and felt it was time to go find a chippy (fish and chip shop) and a can of IRN BRU. This is a soft drink that is made here in Scotland. It tastes kind of like red creme soda, but it’s orange in color. I’m not sure if it’s available in the states. I’ve convinced myself that Fish n’ Chips taste better when consumed in the U.K., especially with IRN BRU! I suspect I’m going to destroy my sexy Herbalife body by the end of this trip.



I feel like I really need to take a nap. I didn’t get any sleep on either of my flights. I should probably make myself stay up until later tonight so I can adjust to the new time zone faster. At the moment, I’m hurting a bit too much. Life will be better when they finally give me the key to my room.



I laid in bed trying to sleep for just almost 3 hours. Have you ever been so tired that you can’t fall asleep? I think that’s what I was experiencing. In a way, however, I’m glad I couldn’t fall asleep because if I can just push through until tonight, this is going to help my adjustment to this new time zone. I decided to change my clothes and head out to find a new electrical plug adapter. The one that I brought from Utah is a piece of crap and isn’t working properly. I walked down to the Apple Store, only to discover that it was closed. I stepped for renovations.

Soon the weather had turned and it was pouring down the rain. I decided I’d walk back to the hostel to grab my umbrella. As luck would have it, the front desk had a few universal adapters for sale. I paid the £5 and made my way back up to my room on the third floor. The new adapter seems to be working just fine!


Technology still fascinates me! Earlier this evening, I was able to FaceTime with my sister Melanie, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Remember how George Jetson used to chat with Mr. Spacely on the screen? We’re living in the future, people!

I found dinner at the Handmade Burger Co. I loved the look of the restaurant so while I waited for my food to arrive, I was walking around taking a few pictures of the place. One of the workers told me, “Pictures are not allowed here.” I didn’t like that- and you know how I can be a brat? I may or may not have told a little white lie. I may or may have told him that I was a food and travel blogger who came to Glasgow from America-technically that’s not a lie, I do travel and I do blog about it, and I do put food pics on this blog– who works – ok, here comes the lie– for The Travel Channel.

After dinner, when I got up to leave, he apologized and I said it wasn’t a big deal. I told him that I wasn’t offended by his no-pictures request and that the burger was delicious. He told me it was ok if I took a few pictures and I told him, “I already did.” I smiled and walked out. So here’s the controversial pictures that I took. Please tell me if I crossed any lines.


After leaving the restaurant, I took a longer walk back to the hostel so that I could take a few pictures of some of the buildings at night. The night air was very chilly, but at least the rain had stopped. I love Glasgow!


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