Scotland 5: Day 2

03.02.16 | 08:22 | Glasgow Hostel

Fun fact: Did you know that Irish Spring soap reminds me of Scotland? It has nothing to do with the name of the soap or the Scottish/Irish thing. It’s because when I come to Scotland, I travel with soap in a soap holder, and for some reason this is the brand of soap I’ve always grabbed at the store to travel with. At home I use different kinds of body wash and none of the work hotels I stay in have Irish Spring. So that blessed smell reminds me of trips to Scotland. And now you know. And knowing is half the battle (G.I. Joe)!

11:20 | Damuir Station (map)

On my way to Glasgow Central Station, I stopped to have a “traditional” Scottish breakfast. This includes over-easy eggs, bacon (think Canadian-style bacon, not American style), sausages, hash browns, toast, and baked beans. I wasn’t in the mood for the nasty black pudding. Though I have tried it on at least two different occasions, I wasn’t feeling it. Click here for wiki’s explanation of black pudding. Are you daring enough to try it?


When I got to Central Station (map), I printed out my ticket at the kiosk and was trying to find the right platform for my train. I was there about 2 ½ hours earlier than I needed to be. One of the employees told me that I had an open ticket so I could just get on any other train that was headed in the right direction. Even though I managed to end up at Dalmuir hours before I’d planned, where I’m transferring to a different train, it doesn’t look like there’s a sooner train from Dalmuir to Fort William, which is my final. Looks like I’m going to hang out here for just over an hour. Too bad I don’t see a vending machine.


I need to remember to buy another scarf when I see a store. It’s a windy day so far and the sun has been hiding behind the clouds. It’s not raining, but it looks like it may start soon. I’m thankful that the Dalmuir station has some a lobby to keep me out of the wind.

15:05 | Train from Dalmuir to Fort William

This countryside is so beautiful! I have been staring out the window of this train and my only regret is that I didn’t take the train to Fort William (map) before this trip. I have been doing little 10 second videos out the window occasionally and I can’t wait to put them together and put in some music. I’ve written down some of the town names so I can do some research if they’re places I can come stay on future visits.

As I’m looking at the houses by the train, I’m wondering what would make these people move out here. I do understand the draw of country living, but I’m sure there’s little to no industry out here. Maybe they’re sheep farmers who supply meant and wool to Glasgow. Maybe the houses have been in their family for generations. This isn’t too far off from some of the places where my ancestors came from. Now I’m wondering what they did for a living as well.

17:26 | Fort William Hostel

When I decided to come to Fort William, I didn’t pay attention to the fine details of the trip- didn’t realize that it would take over 4 hours for the train to get here. I do have to say, however. That train ride was so beautiful and so worth it!

This hostel is the coolest old house, high on a hill that overlooks the valley. Fort William seems to be a great town! There’s two kinds of towns- towns I’d like to live in, and towns I’d rather not live in. So far, I’m getting the first vibe. Will walk into the downtown area in a few minutes to explore a bit and find some dinner.

When I said “Hi” to my hostelmates and introduced myself, I met 4 people from Germany, a girl from Croatia, a boy from Zimbabwe, and a girl from Logan, Utah (not even joking!)! It’s a small world, after all.


For tonight’s dinner, I walked into town and found a pub/restaurant. I ordered some lasagna and cheesy garlic bread. It really wasn’t that good. I mean, it was ok- but I’m pretty sure I could do better… if I ever tried to make lasagna, that is. I should try that when I get back.


I was going to walk around town and take some night pictures, but when I left the pub, the rain had started. I forgot to bring my umbrella, so by the time I got back up the hill to the hostel, I was pretty much soaked!


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