I’m Obsessed With Human Skulls!

Scratch that- I think skulls are fascinating, however. It’s not that I want to own one or anything like that, but I just think it’s interesting that this was part of a living, breathing human being once upon a time. That bone “housed” someone’s brain, which is part of the essence of an individual. Why is this so fascinating to me?

I have wanted to go into The Paris Catacombs and view those remains for quite a few years now. I was going to do this last year, but then Covid-19 reared its ugly head, and I had to end my holiday early. This has been added to my bucket list.

Storytime: I had a roommate who stole a bone from the catacombs (I’m not even joking), thinking it would be a cool keepsake, and when he brought it home to the states, things started going wrong with his life. I confess that I don’t believe in luck (good or bad). But what this roommate told me is that since he brought it home, so many family and friendly relationships had fallen apart. He was also diagnosed with a medical condition, and the doctors working with him didn’t know what it was!

He heard about my plans and actually asked me to return the human remains to Paris. I told him that even though I was highly skeptical about his story, there was no way I was going to touch that bone with a 10-foot pole. No, thank you!

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