Scotland 7: Day 4

03.05.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 16:16

My plans to head to the firth of forth were temporarily thwarted. When I woke up this morning, Edinburgh was having a very strong downpour. I don’t hate this weather, I just know I would have tracked mud all up and down the back side of my pants. Perhaps I’ll brave the elements tomorrow, whatever those elements may be. You’ll have to check back and find out if I did. Instead, I walked back to Princes Street, stopped in at the Apple Store, headed up to Calton Cemetery, and eventually walked up to Calton Hill.

I managed to take a live video on my Periscope account… just warning you there are some audio issues with my microphone but will have that looked at tomorrow at the Apple Store. I hope they are able to fix it- I hope it’s nothing more than a software reinstallment.

I had dinner at an Italian/Scottish restaurant called Papavero. It was a really great meal! I’ve probably been spending too much on food lately, but I justify this by telling myself that I’m on vacation and that I have budgeted for this.

Pesto Bruschetta
Lamb Shank
Banoffee Pie

About the time I was finishing up my dessert, as luck would have it, I lost part of a tooth. I bit into something crunchy and I thought, at first, that it was a piece of eggshell. Then upon further examination, I realized that part of one of my bottom-front teeth was gone. I should probably go get it looked at, but I doubt there is anybody in Scotland who would honor my dental plan. I guess I’m going to have to be careful and have it fixed when I get back to the states.

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