Scotland 7: Day 3

A Beautiful Church

03.04.19 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 20:36

With the time zone adjustment, I didn’t wake up until after 11:00 this morning. I had planned on a walk that would have taken me about 5 hours, round trip, but since half the day was almost gone, I decided to forego that adventure for the time being. This would have taken me to an area where my ancestors lived.

As I was looking for some dinner, I was crossing between two main streets, and this restaurant caught my eye. I’ve found that so many fantastic places to have dinner are just off the beaten path. This gem was pretty much in a turning alleyway.

Smoked Borders Wood Pigeon, Orange, Endive, Candied Walnuts
Baked Scrabster Cod, Razor Clams, Barra Cockles
Montezuma’s Organic Dark Chocolate Fondant, Vanilla Ice Cream, Hazelnut Praline

All this, after I was hunting for a simple chippy for my dinner. This restaurant didn’t even have fish & chips on the menu, however. I guess that can wait for another night. I spent way too much on the meal- the understatement of the century.

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