Ireland 2: Day 8

04.17.18 | Dingle Hostel | 20:14

This morning I got a bit of a late start, as I was waiting to see if it was going to be a stormy day or not. There was some rain, but it only lasted for about an hour or so. Even though the wind was still mad, I decided to walk through town. I ended up at the marina on Dingle Bay.

After a bit, the wind just wouldn’t die down. I was getting sprayed with salt water. I decided that maybe it was another day that I was going to read from my book. I would have liked to go hiking on a proper trail, but it was still quite overcast and I could see storms in the distance. It’s best that I stay close, so I don’t get dumped on.

On my walk back to the hostel, and recorded another live video on Periscope. It’s awesome that I’m starting to get a few more followers on Periscope. I like that the app pinpoints you on the map, and people who you’ve never even met can choose to watch your video and follow you.

Dinner tonight was at a really great seafood restaurant. I had some good muscles as a starter, and then two kinds of fish… I don’t remember what kind they were, but they were really good! I just had to take off the skin… it’s always too “fishy” tasting.

On my way back to the hostel, I took a few pictures of the homes and businesses in the town. I love all the colors! I leave tomorrow morning for my next destination, but I’d love to come back one day- hopefully when there is nicer weather.

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