Scotland 6: Day 23

03.21.18 | Thurso, Scotland | 08:21

Last night my roommate was a guy called Josh, who is from Texas. I asked him if he knows my sister Melanie, and he doesn’t. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure how close he lives to her. Josh has brought a big surfboard. He loves to surf and has heard that Thurso is one of the best places to surf in Europe. I knew people came here for surf competitions, but I didn’t know it had that reputation!

Thurso Station | 10:21

The train doesn’t get here for the next two and a half hours or so. I was going to go to a really good Chinese restaurant that I remember from my previous visits here, but the lady who sold me the train ticket told me that this particular restaurant no longer has a dining room where you can sit and eat. They’ve gone to carry out only. I’m not in the mood to carry my Chinese food in this rainy weather. I’ll just be glad that I had a good breakfast. It dawned on me that I have some cookies in my bag- cookies for lunch!

Thurso > Inverness | 14:09

On these trips, I always try to take notes on the things I see. This is how I discovered Pitlochry, years ago. It was a stop on my way up to Inverness. I took a picture of the sign and later did some research. It’s not one of the many towns that I love when I travel through Scotland.

Thus far today, I haven’t found many towns on my way from Thurso that I’d like to stop and see. For me to enjoy a visit, the town needs to at least have a pub. Not that I’m hanging out in pubs all the time, but that shows me that there’s enough life there that’s the locals need a place to gather- usually that is done at the pub.

Inverness Hostel | 22:22

The saddest thing about Inverness is that the fish & chip shop that I would always go to is now closed down. Very sad, indeed. I did manage to find another one, that was almost as good, but it’s just not the same.

I just got back from a visit to the cinema, where I saw the new Tomb Raider movie. It was so much better than the Angelina Jolie version- no offense, Angie, if you’re reading this. I just liked this girls version of Lara Croft so much better. It was a much more relatable character, and she didn’t have that stupid smirk on her fact that Angelina always has. I’m proud that it was around two miles walk each way. Perhaps not the safest thing to do by myself at night, but I did manage to get home safely. If anyone had tried to rob me, they’d have been sorely disappointed. I know bad things happen, but so far I’ve been very blessed in my travels.

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  1. You said you responded to my comment, but since It didn’t scream in my face, I don’t have a clue where to find it….😳


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