Scotland 8: Day 11

03.12.20 | Brodick, Scotland | 10:05

I’m sitting in the CalMac ferry terminal and am the only one here at the moment. I woke up this morning at 06:30, gathered the rest of my stuff, and left the Airbnb. A friend from the states has been tracking my travels and let me know that there were delays and cancelations in the ferry service today due to expected high winds. I should get an update in two hours, letting me know if there will be any service today.

Being stuck on the Isle of Arran wouldn’t be the end of the world- this is a great place, after all. Yes, I’m keeping up to date on the whole Covid-19 situation, wondering what my next move should be. Part of me wants to run back home to the states, but when I step back and think: according to the current numbers, I have less of a chance of catching a virus here in Scotland than I do in my own country, especially in my line of work.


It appears that I’ll be in Brodick, at least one more night. As I said earlier, it’s not the end of the world. I should be upset since I have a place reserved at my next location… but such is life, I guess. It’s not like it’ll go unused, though. Dicky and Drew are staying with me, after all.

I found accommodation at The Belvedere, which is an old home/ hotel. It is 100 years old this year! It’s a good location, too, just up the hill from the main street through town, but quick access to town. I can still walk down to Crofters’ for a fourth night, if I so choose.

When I arrived, the nicest man came to the door, and he told me he just received my booking request and apologized that the place was a mess. To be honest, the old home looks incredible. All I saw was a few dog toys in the living room area. I told him not to worry because I’m a dog person. He said I was the only one here, so he upgraded me to the more excellent room, for no extra cost. He is also giving me a discount because I told him I’d be leaving for breakfast in the morning.


For the fourth time in four days, I Had dinner at ‘Crofters’’. I was hoping for more live music, but unfortunately that wasn’t planned for tonight. I ordered a chicken dish, and I pretty much think that’s the best thing that I’ve had there so far.

Let’s hope I make it back to the mainland tomorrow!

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