Scotland 8: Day 10

03.11.20 | Brodick, Scotland | 21:36

When I first woke up, there is rain hitting the skylight above me. The sound may have been what woke me this morning. At any rate, I had gotten a good night’s sleep, so I rolled out of bed and headed downstairs.

I did a load of laundry, and by the time I had all of the wet clothes hanging to dry, it had gone from raining to partly cloudy. I figured this is my last full day on the isle of Arran, and I should take advantage of the fact. I got ready and headed out to go for a walk.

I found myself hiking up the Glen Rosa Circuit. It was a pleasant walk. The first half was very easy, as it went from a paved road to a dirt road to a well-kept trail. It was the second half after I crossed to the other side of the stream that was a little bit more difficult.

Still, I made my way back on what I could find of the trail. Much of the trail was covered in mud and puddles from the morning’s rain. I got some great pictures along the journey!

I just got back from ‘Crofters’’ where I had a great dinner. This was my third dinner visit in as many nights, but tonight was even better because there was live music!

Cullen Skink

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