Scotland 7: Day 10

03.11.19 | Glasgow, Scotland | 21:45

Today was a great day! Since C2C is over, I got to see a little bit of Glasgow, finally. I grabbed a late lunch with one of my hostel mates- a guy named Paul. We ventured out and ended up at a little Russian restaurant. It was quite delicious! I had the borscht for an appetizer and then my main course was a roasted rabbit. I can’t remember the last time I ate a rabbit- tastes like chicken, only more gamey.

This evening was pretty low-key. It started raining, so I decided that I’d go see a movie. I accidentally bought tickets to the wrong cinema, so I had to grab an Uber in order to get there on time. I saw Captain Marvel. Pretty good film, most of it was easy to follow. Sometimes I struggle because there is so much going on with those Marvel storylines. I’m sure my nephew Sam can keep it all straight since that’s more of his world.

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