Scotland 7: Day 7

03.08.19 | Glasgow, Scotland | 15:46

This morning I had to wave goodbye to Edinburgh… well, it’s never goodbye: I’ll be back before the end of this trip, and am planning on many, many more visits. I finally had a clear, rain-free morning, Yes, the temperature was down in the 40s, but it wasn’t raining. I blew a kiss goodbye and boarded the train to Glasgow. When I arrived, it was raining.

It’s great to be back! I checked in to the Euro Hostels, where I have stayed more times than I can count on one hand, and went to find some lunch and a travel soap holder.

It needs to be said that Imperial Leather is the most awesome soap and smelling it reminds me of Scotland. This is because I have always bought it while I was in Scotland (the first time was probably because it was cheap). I believe the fish time was back in 2011 when dinosaurs roamed the earth [see my post from 2011]. Now this smell, just like the taste of Irn-Bru, always acts as a reminder. Has anyone seen this brand in the states?

I found lunch at a Wetherspoon, which is a restaurant/pub chain I’ve seen around Scotland. I ate my first proper fish. & chips of this adventure. This one was especially amazing because I smothered it in salt and vinegar. It came with a side of mushy peas, which made the meal even more spectacular.

Tonight is the first night of Country to County, which is the event that I have planned this entire adventure around [see site]. Literally- last year, I bought tickets to this three-night concert and so I knew I’d needed to be in Glasgow at least today, tomorrow, and Sunday. The rest of this adventure only exists because I bought this non-refundable tickets to this! Truth be told- I’m not entirely sure if the ticket were non-refundable, I never really looked into it. I just pretended they are- so I can justify coming back to Scotland.

I tried napping, but I’m just too excited for the concert tonight! As tired as I was, I just couldn’t sleep. If you love country music, you’ll understand why: Chris Stapleton, Lyle Lovett, Ashley McBryde, Drake White & The Big Fire, Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge, Cam, Chase Rice, Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes, Dustin Lynch, and Carly Pearce… that’s why. These are the artist who will entertain me over the next three nights.

It’s time to grab my umbrella and head out. The S.S.E. Hydro, where the event is being held, is about half an hour walk from the hostel. I hope I can get some awesome pictures and videos!


This first night was pretty amazing! I loved most everyone who performed, but I have to say I was most impressed with Ashley McBryde and of course, Chris Stapleton. I knew Chris would be good because I heard him perform at this very concert two years ago [link]. The man is flawless. I’ve heard Ashley McBryde’s album, but there were some really great songs that I connected with. I’ll have to go listen to her some more.

I took a few short videos and some pictures throughout the 6 1/2 hour festival.

Drake White and the Big Fire – Periscope

Ashley McBryde – Periscope

Lyle Lovett – Periscope

Chris Stapleton – Periscope

I’m really looking forward to two more nights of this! Tonight was an amazing night!

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