Scotland 7: Day 9

03.10.19 | Euro Hostels, Glasgow, Scotland | 12:19

Glasgow got a little bit of snow this morning, just before it was replaced by the rain. I just got back from an early lunch- I found one of those sushi places where the entrees come by on a conveyor. You stack up the empty plates and then they count them up to figure out your grand total. I wasn’t paying attention and went a little crazy, to the tune of £34. It looks as if I’ll be going over my budget today.

Tonight was the third and final night of Country to Country 2019. It was an incredible evening. The first performer was Carly Pearce. She was really good. I’m not too familiar with her music though. My only complaint was that most of her set, her mic was too low and so her band pretty much drowned her out. If I was more familiar with her music, this wouldn’t have mattered as much.

Dustin Lynch was the next act. He is very talented and I like his vibe, but I’m not always in the “Bro-Country” mood, and that’s pretty much how I would describe most of his songs. He too, however, is very talented.

Hunter Hayes was next. There were parts of his performance where it sounded like he was a bit pitchy. He did admit to everyone that he’s been trying to kick a cold for the past two weeks- sadly it showed. I need to familiarize myself with more of his songs- I recognized probably about four of them.

The headliner and final act of the night was Lady Antebellum. The best way to describe their whole set was- AMAZING! They had the perfect balance with the band, so there was never a struggle to hear any of their lyrics. Country music is all you the story, and it doesn’t make sense when I can’t hear the words being sung.

So now that C2C2019 is over, I will sum it up… the absolute best acts for the Glasgow shows were Ashley McBryde, Chris Stapleton, Cam, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum. My absolute favorite artist (if I have to pick one) was Cam. I just love Cam’s voice and writing style, I guess. Three very fun nights!

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