Today I’m hanging out in the crashpad. I have two days off of work, but decided that wasn’t enough time to go home and get very much accomplished. That will happen sometime next week, after my next work trip. I will be filing my taxes (hoping for a big refund), visiting the D.M.V. (I hope the punishment for losing your driver license isn’t harsh in the state of Utah), packing bags for vacation, among other things.

The countdown to Scotland 7 has begun! Who and I kidding- I’ve been counting down since somewhere around September of last year. Here’s how you know you love a place and a people: I’ve already started to jot down ideas for Scotland 8, which won’t even happen until 2020. I was hoping to include some of my family members the next time, but people are busy with their own lives and goings on. I understand, though. I’ve learned that I can go on these trips by myself and enjoy every minute… most of the time, that’s actually my preference.

My originally plan after Scotland 7 was to head down and see Greece for the first time (number 45 on the bucket list). I don’t think this is going to happen, however. I just have had too many bills and expenses lately, and have had to focus on that. Perhaps it can happen later in the year, but we’ll see. This makes me sad, because my dear friend Dawn (a.k.a. MommaDawn) said she was interested in that portion of the journey. It would be amazing if she’d actually take a vacation- one where you turn off your phone for at least a week.

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