When I got to Nashville yesterday, my captain told me that there was going to be up to a 5-hour delay before we could go to Boston, our next and final destination of the day. I was looking forward to staying in the city, and even though the temperature was topping out in the 30s, I was probably going to go find a good salad for dinner.

The next thing I know, I’m being told that our flight was canceled altogether. I started to hope that maybe my day would end in Nashville, and I started to check the internet for last minute tickets to some kind of country music concert. I’m glad I didn’t purchase any tickets, because scheduling soon was on the phone with me, telling me that instead of Boston, I was headed to Dallas.

Partian View of the Dallas Skyline (from my hotel)

It’s so rare that I’m here, that I really should have called my sister Melanie. The only problem I see with that is the fact that we would no doubt end up going out to find some good Mexican food, and I’m really trying to be good right now. I just got back on the Herbalife bandwagon, and even though it’s only day 3, I need this strong start.

I just realized this is my first blog entry of the year. What is my problem? I have tons to talk about- just look at my bucket list! Speaking of strong starts…

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