Scotland 3: PreTrip

10.25.20: It is always a struggle to get my life organized. In an attempt to this very thing, I am posting these old pictures from my third visit to Scotland and my first visit to Ireland (I will be using ‘#Scotland 3’ and ‘#Ireland 2007’ as the tags). I don’t remember very many of the stories but will provide notes of what may have happened. These posts will be back-dated as if I had been keeping this blog all along. If I come across the actual blog posts or written stories, I will update these entries. Enjoy!

03.19.2007 | Baltimore, Maryland

BWI Airport: I was waiting for the first of two flights. I booked my ticket from BWI > KEF, and the second leg on to GLA. This was on Iceland Air, which was one of the cheapest ways to get to Scotland from the east coast, at that time. I didn’t care how many flight I had to board to get there, only that I got there for cheap.
BWI Airport: There weren’t many other waiting in the international terminal at the moment.
BWI Airport: I’m getting my documents ready so that I can board the plane.
BWI Airport: I had just boarded the plane and was excited to be starting this vacation.
BWI > KEF: I had a long conversation with these two guys on the way to Reykjavik, Iceland.

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